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program description


The program is for kids between 4-6 years. Focus is on expanding the knowledge about our own body, moving in various directions and how our body movements affect the world around us. During every training, we have exercises in groups, pairs and individually. By participating, kids develop ability to concentrate their mind, coordinate their body and balance. Aikids explore and learn better ways to use their senses and fine motor skills. After completing the Aikids program, every kid is physically and mentally prepared for the transition to school. Aikido principles teach them discipline and perseverance, self-esteem and self-respect, ability to respect others and cooperate with them, and many more useful things that help them grow as successful individuals.
The Aikids test program includes the levels: Hourse, Wolf, Eagle, and Dragon. They prepare the kids for the official aikido test program and activities in the next group (children between 6-10 years). Our Aikids program and levels are created from Yanitsa Kraleva and materialized into beautiful drawings by Hiroshi Tajiri Shihan gifted to the children as an award - recognition for successful completion of each level.



Trainings: every Wednesday from 18:00-18:45
Instructor: Yanitsa Kraleva
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