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Yanitsa Georgieva

Ikebana teacher in Tendokan Dojo

The art of Ikebana starts in 15 th century. The Sogetsu school we follow is created in 1926 and is the most modern Ikebana school in Japan. The main aesthetical requirements of the Sogetsu school are: simplicity in the form; material-saving; clarity of the Line; being genuine in the expressed feeling. The fundamental principle of this school is the Asymmetry.

Each of the four levels contains 20 lessons. After completing all levels, you master the basics of Ikebana. You know what Moribana and Nageire is - the basic and straight style is the foundation for all other styles and variations. The purpose of the education is practicing the basic principles of Ikebana in various ways. Later on, people can express themselves when creating their own style as a way of showing their uniqueness. For beginners’ convenience, the different styles and variations are presented also with schemes and pictures. We use original books from Tokyo Sogetsu school and provide all necessary materials for the practice.

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